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Dune Clockidy

Two Canadian brothers striving to create fun and unique, quality-crafted games that we ourselves love to play.

The Adventures of Tree Game Capsule

The Adventures of Tree

The Adventures of Tree takes you on an open ended adventure to save your fellow species from the evil invaders! Explore the vast open world to discover it’s many secrets! With over 30+ hours of game-play, The Adventures of Tree, is not something you’ll want to miss out on!

Ladybug Quest Header

Ladybug Quest

Ladybug Quest is an EXTREMELY challenging, 3D, tile-based, action-platformer that sends players on a story-driven adventure following the journey of a Ladybug on a quest to save her colony! Hop and dodge your way through the enchanting environments, while immersing yourself in the riveting story.

Development Blog

Improved Lighting

The first thing we wanted was customizable lighting. Upon doing some research, I stumbled upon Unity's new experimental 2D lighting.  One of the major advantages of the new 2D lighting system is highly customizable light areas and blending. After switching to the new...

A New Game?

And so it begins! There were some issues with the tree and the water is extremely rough, however, it's a start to something amazing! Work on another title has begun!

“Great Game. I feel like this game has the possibility to be just as good as or even better than The Escapists, Subnauitica, Stranded Deep, and other popular games. This game has a ton of potential…”


A Happy Player

“I love this game, the humour is great and the game-play is actually quite addictive and fun considering how simple it’s overall idea is, and at times you do have to go out and explore for yourself, it definitely ticks the adventure feel box. The graphics are pleasing, a very classic feel to it.”


Another Happy Player

“I just started playing this game, but I have to say I am loving it!
It brings back great nostalgic memories of playing Frogger years ago.
There are a few quirks, but overall it feel really good.
I miss platformer games like this.”


A Super Happy Player

“Looks and sounds like a game made by a twelve year old, but it’s not. It has a layer of adultness just under the surface and surprisingly has decent gameplay. The world is bizarrely rich with character and creativity. An absurd amount of thought was put into this game and if you spend an hour, it just might grip you…”


A Really Happy Player